Viaggiatori in carrozzina

When we travelled around Europe in 2012, we wanted to prove that two lame people can drive by car over 17 thousand kilometres. We didn’t want to dispose of any dependency and to avoid involvement of others. Asking for help is something natural, for those who travel on their feet and those on wheelchairs. Then, we wanted something more, to be independent from ourselves, to be a free spirit and to be able to look at the world with the eyes and ears of people that we meet. We were learning this during a few months’ journey, and we brought this back home.

Setting off on the first journey, it is really difficult to finish it, reach a destination and come back. Once we start, the journey will never end. Each next journey seems to be a continuation of a previous one, coming back home is only a temporary situation, preparations for another journey. Perhaps we are only on a road, no matter what. This time we want to go even further, experience Another World. We have been planning a journey to South America for a few months, which will take us almost half a year.

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